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New Faster International Shipping Lanes To The Middle East

Neighborhood Parcel of Boston MA Announces New Faster International Shipping Lanes To The Middle East and Asia

Finding high quality and fast international shipping and mail forwarding services can be a stressful and difficult process especially to those people who wanted to ship and deliver their items on time to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Asia. This is the reason why they keep on searching for the best International shipping company that could help them out with such concerns. The search is over as Neighborhood Parcel is here to help them out as they announce the wide range of shipping and mail forwarding services to the Middle East and Asia Hubs.

At Neighborhood Parcel, their international shipping and freight forwarding service portfolio is primarily built around value added and convenient services that are designed to save businesses and clients money and time. The wide range of delivery and shipping services they offer includes domestic and international express delivery, warehousing and logistics and even freight forwarding. They also offer services that include documents management, online shopping services as well as e-commerce solutions. With these kinds of services, Neighborhood Parcel makes sure that whatever shipping or delivery concern that their clients are really stressed about would be given immediate and effective response.

The primary aim of is to improve the quality and speed of their shipping and delivery services which paves way for the satisfaction of their clients. They have implemented and designed high quality management system to assure of consistent level of shipping and forwarding standards that exceeds the expectations of their clients. They evaluate all the shipping and forwarding processes and work more on technological innovations to work out with their system.

“ My office was receiving a large amount of inquiries from customers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and China looking for better ways to ship goods from America to their destinations. But most importantly, they were looking for value for the money and quality service. The Internet is changing our world these days and people worldwide are connected in more ways that never before. They want to shop online and take advantage of online sales at eBay, Amazon and get the latest Microsoft and Apple technology. But most importantly, they don’t like to wait! That is where we come in with our fast mail forwarding and shipping networks.” Said Mr. Bechat CEO and Founder of Neighborhood Parcel at recent Conference Call in Boston MA USA.

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Neighborhood Parcel wanted to be highly recognized as the leading global logistics and mail forwarding company in the United States. That is why; they always make sure that they have a strong foundation on all the delivery and shipping services they are offering. The company is also continuously evolving into a global brand that is recognized for its innovative and customize service portfolio. This is the reason why the launch of the shipping and delivery services of Neighborhood Parcel is expected to be a worldwide sensation and great success.

Shopping, international delivery hassles and stress could no longer be a big deal to Saudi residents and business people, as Neighborhood Parcel is here to give them innovative and high quality shipping and Post Redirecting services that suits their needs. Fastest shipping lanes to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt and Moroco.

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How I Saved 45% Off International Moving

Looking to ship my luggage and furniture overseas, I had some time to do my research to find the right carrier and a fair price. I heard so many horror stories about international shippers losing packages and charging an arm and a leg to deliver the household goods.

Since all I had was time on my side, I submitted few moving rate quote requests through the websites I found on Google. The websites were professionally designed and easy to absorb your personal data but here is what I learned real fast:

  • Your Contact data is farmed out and sold to other movers. You will never know who will call you back. Anyone can buy your contact and move details for as low as $5.00 per lead.
  • Moving lead farms do not screen their vendors.
  • The Quotes are not guaranteed, there are tons of hidden fees. from fuel surcharges to delivery fees.
  • Most consolidators will sit on your shipment until the container is full, that can mean weeks of waiting.
  • The devil is in the details, some movers lack the knowledge to properly complete the Bill Of Lading.


How To Chose The Best International Mover

Your next international mover should be a reputable and experienced business! Not just a fancy website. The company should be able to provide you with complete tracking of your shipment in form of a Bill Of Lading that can help you track your Household Goods Movement from start to finish.

We suggest you do a lot of research on the international moving company you choose and verify its ability to handle all of the details, as well as its ability to be a single source of contact for you. Request multiple quotes from licensed, professional companies that have proven experience handling moves to your international destination, and make sure to get all quotes in writing with a time table.

Best International Moving Carrier For Your Money

Always, research the company you hire to help you move overseas, use the BBB or the local business chambers to solicit feedback. In my case, I was happy to select Neighborhood Parcel to handle my move and here is why:

  1. A+ Rating with the Boston BBB
  2. AAA Rating with the Boston Business Chamber.
  3. Fully licensed and insured Mover.
  4. Full-service Mover: Packaging & Shipping services.
  5. Locally Owned and Operated Business.
  6. Not a data farm, they secure your contact details.
  7. Fast Response to Moving Quotes


DHL Billing Stinks

Open Letter To DHL CEO

DHL Executive Desk

1210 S. Pine Island Road, 5th Floor

Plantation, Florida 33032

United States

October 17 2014

Dear Mr. Allen, our company has been an authorized DHL shipping center since 2007 and we enjoyed the reliability of your service, your brand helped grow our company and our loyal clients come to rely on your on-time delivery worldwide.

Recently, our account 8021xxxxx was put on credit hold without notice for a small balance that was overdue in matter of days not months. This premature billing action caused major disruption to service for us and for our clients as our system suddenly stopped working and packages were place on hold in The Boston terminal.  We finally realized that DHL has put us on credit hold because we couldn’t even log into the to check on account status or even pay outstanding bills.

DHL reviews its DAS as partners and this is not the right way to disrupt your partner’s business day to day operation without notice or cooperation, furthermore DHL billing decided to take an additional 48 Hrs to remove the hold. We continue to hear about other horror stories involving your billing department that may be costing you money. In contrast with FedEx, we do twice the volume with them and in the course of doing business with them since 2006, we were never shut off or place on credit hold. We trust them 100%, their billing system is 99.9% accurate and they bill us on a credit card that we have on file with them.

The issue we run into with DHL is that billing is often not accurate, the staff we deal with changes every month and the competence level is often in question. You require 15 Day net pay while all our bills are Net 30 because our business accounts can sometimes take 45 days to pay us. But we work with our client and we never shut them off without any notice or opportunity to fix the issue. Let’s face it who is perfect these days? We all have paid an invoice late one time or the other.


Great customer service as defined and delivered by the leading world class online retailer is to exceed customer’s expectation so when things go wrong they own up to them and fix the issue along with an apology. I am not expecting you to apologize for our failure to pay your bills within 15 Days, but I do expect your Billing department to at least notify us by phone or mail and give us a chance to pay the bills and not to rush to putting us on credit hold.

DHL action can have major impact on timely deliveries of shipments, people are scraping every dollar and cent to ship family gifts, legal documents and we built a reputation to do right by them no matter what. That is why when I saw that this gift to India (Waybill: 187336xx3) was still on hold 24 Hrs after we paid all invoices, I called the Boston office and spoke to Karen who assured me that the shipment will be removed from hold and leave Boston 10/16/2014. To my disappointment this shipment was still sitting in Boston for no reason and now we have to take it back and reroute it using FedEx.

In summary, DHL suffered some major setbacks during recent years but we stuck by you, defended you to our customers, sold your services and posted your marketing signage on major roadways in Lowell MA and to be treated as a new client and be rushed to shut off is not appreciated. We are not a 30 day old account, we not a home office; we are not a fly-by-night online store. We are a brick and mortar store, a well-established company with 5 star ratings on all major review boards like Yelp, Google and Proud to have established A Credit Rating by the Dunn and Brad Street, a third party credit Evaluation Company.

I wrote this letter to tell you thank you for the years of service and to tell you that this world is not perfect, we are not perfect neither and we expect our vendors to show us some courtesy and work with us instead of treating as dead-beats. Your billing department continues to be a sore spot and in need of major rehab. I hope that this feedback won’t fall on deaf ears and looking forward to your response.





International Moving to Germany

Are you interested in moving to Germany?

Germany is a sought-after U.S expat destination. A large expat community adds to centuries of German history and culture, making this destination both uniquely German and familiar to expats from around the USA. Our Expats in Germany and Europe can enjoy unusually good schools and well-run and efficient infrastructure, public transportation and healthcare.

Germany is a beautiful country with a lot to offer both individuals and families. If you do make the decision to move here you will be beginning a fabulous journey which can at times be both exhilarating and nerve wracking.

Relocation services

Relocation service from Boston MA and the U.S can do pretty much everything you need to get done, from packing and international ocean shipping of your furniture to door delivery in Germany. We offer both Door to door service and door to port ocean shipping to Germany.

Moving to Germany, What To Expect

  • Decades of experience in International Moving service experience.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Convenient assistance in Export Document preparation and Bill Of Lading.
  • The best carrier connections for your Relocation overseas.
  • The leading in international moving industry from the Boston MA area since 2006
  • Free consultation and preparation of your next move to Germany.
  • Competitive Pricing for Air and Ocean Cargo.

Our staff will help you package and ship all your household goods, furniture from Boston MA and get it deliver either to your port of choice in Germany or to your door steps. Getting started is easy, click or call (978)851-0199 Free Moving Quote

To the team of Neighborhood Parcel, I write to say BIG thanks for making my migration to Germany easy and affordable. Your company did everything you promised and I appreciate the extra attention to packaging details, my German customs did not question my paperwork and the move to my apartment in Berlin was great thanks to you! Mike Wolf Berlin Germany

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Best Way To Ship Overseas

Shipping Overseas Is Not Easy!

International shipping has its advantages from a value perspective because of merchandise and Technology availability overseas and U.S Dollar Currency Exchange rate that can be very beneficial. However, in dealing with international shipping, you will soon discover that you will deal with your destination’s customs office to clear the shipment before you get it delivered.

Neighborhood Parcel has decades of International shipping experience to over 220 worldwide destinations and throughout the years we have identified these destinations as the most corrupt countries, in another word, you will need to bribe a customs officer or local government to access your merchandise. Often this is in addition to customs duty taxes assessed.

FedEx vs DHL Shipping Discounts

To avoid delays and maintain control of the shipment, we discovered that DHL has the Most Secure Export system worldwide where they maintain control of the shipment at all the time. Another way, if you ship an Apple iPhone or iPad to Russia, DHL will get the clearance done electronically whenever possible and keeps possession of the merchandise. If you ship the same item using Express Mail, for example, the phone is given to customs office for clearance and if in most cases if they like it, they will tax it and assess so many fees to discourage you from getting it and they will confiscate it in the end. DHL will cost a little more up front but you maintain control of your packages at all time.

The second best way is FedEx, they tend to be a little bit cheaper via their Economy service, delivery is usually within 5 to 10 Business days. They are great for deliveries to Europe and Latin America.

The Third and Least Expensive way to ship is to use an Air Cargo Door to door or Door to Port Carrier services like Air Cargo or UPS. They offer great savings for International Moving or Large Cargo shipments, they utilize passenger air crafts to maintain lost cost and low overhead. They can issue Bill Of Lading and Online Tracking just like the other more expensive services.

Worst Way To Ship Overseas

Our Opinion throughout the years of experience is that the Post Office is the worst way to ship your valuable packages. Simply because the post office in most developing countries is corrupt and valuable shipments end up being stolen. The US Post office will provide online tracking until the package leave the US and you will never be able to track it. The loss claim process is very complicated and will take months to resolve. While Priority Mail and International Mail EMS are cheap and economical, it is not the most secure option to get valuable packages delivered.

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