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College Move Out

Boston MA: Ah spring, sweet spring! The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and across the MA state, thousands of college students are throwing out working electronics, unopened containers of food, and other perfectly useful items. Why throw them away if you can ship them home?

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It’s the same routine every year. Harried Boston area college students, rushing to pack and move out while completing finals or preparing for graduation, they usually don’t have time to sell or give away their extra stuff, or they simply don’t care that it goes to waste. It is the parent’s money after all!  The result is that during finals week on through graduation, campus dumpsters, and the sidewalks in college towns are rife with serviceable stuff often in excellent condition.

In other words, if you live near a college, it’s a great time to go dumpster diving. When I was in college, I loved walking around the dorms and scoring free stuff as everyone was moving out. Some memorable finds include several almost-full bottles of cleaning products, clothing, and lots of great household-organizing equipment. I also have friends who have scored furniture, televisions, and other big-ticket items previously owned by college kids.

College Move-Out Service:

We service the entire Boston and Lowell MA area college, our service features:

  • Bottom Line pricing, lowest price guarantee. We know how expensive that college tuition is.
  • Free Packaging supplies. (*)
  • Free Pick up within 10 Miles of Lowell MA 01852.
  • Free Shipment insurance.
  • On Time delivery of your packages.
  • Free Online Tracking.
  • Employees background screened.
  • Safety and security driven company.
  • Working 7 Days a week and after hours for your convenience.

We have been serving students from Umass Lowell, Boston University, Merrimack College, MIT College, Harvard University, Simmons College, Regis College, Berklee College of Music and many more..

To schedule your next college move out, simply call us at (978)851-0199 or complete an online request here.

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