International Shipping and Packaging

International Shipping and Packaging services

All About Shipping Carrier Choice:  DHL | FedEx | UPS | EMS | TNT

We provide you with one solution approach to your shipping needs, from packing to shipping and providing tracking numbers. We have negotiated great shipping discount rate with major carriers to be able to provide you with reliable service at reasonable cost.

The time has come to expand your business internationally. Whether you’re new to the global marketplace or new to international shipping with us, you’re in the right place. Working with Neighborhood Parcel can help you reduce the risk, complexity and cost of global trade.

Economic growth in emerging markets is creating a significant opportunity for American businesses. In today’s high-tech, high-efficiency world, customers across borders can be reached just as easily as customers next door. And wherever you plan on taking your business, we are ready with the tools and resources to help you get where you’re going, faster.

Expand Overseas

Where do you want to go? Whether you want to begin or expand your business internationally, Neighborhood Parcel can help you get there. Large service portfolio that allows you to chose the right carrier for your shipment, from letters to crates, nothing is too big or too small for us.

We ship hundreds of packages around the world using a vast network of carriers; we shop for the best rate and service. We strive to be your business partner, let us handle your shipping so you can focus on growing your business. Air cargo is ideal for all your time sensitive shipments, from flowers to overnight legal documents. International Shipping and Packaging

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