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International Mail Forwarding Service

International Mail Forwarding Service. Get Your US Address Today!

Neighborhood Parcel Of Lowell MA USA is proud to announce the launch of its International mail Forwarding Website: This website will allow international users to create Mail Forwarding service accounts, get US address, access millions of US based Merchants and simply the International mail Forwarding process.

Mr.Bechat is the current CEO of this Company and he stated that the Company has experienced great success in the International mail Forwarding service. He added “what makes us unique is that we deliver on what we promise, our customer service response time is usually within hours, our shipping rates are some of the lowest in the market, we ship via FedEx, UPS, DHL and EMS. Nothing is too small or too big for us. Our staff is fluent in French, English and Arabic and always eager to help.”

Opening US Mailbox

Opening mailbox

Once a user opens an account and submit the necessary proof of identity documents, they will get a genuine USA address where they can ship their products to. Neighborhood Parcel will consolidate and ship the merchandise. This will usually save money in the long run. Mr Bechat stated that his company currently offers FREE consolidation and storage service. Most of US vendors refuse to ship internationally due to restrictions and prohibitive cost, having a US address will fix this issue and allow users to save money and access millions of US made items from jeans to Iphones. For more info, visit: or

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FedEx vs DHL Shipping Discounts

FedEx UPS DHL Shipping Discounts 

Logistics giants UPS and FedEx issued their 2009 rates increases just as their market went into transition with DHL’s announcement it would pull out of the U.S. express market (see story, p. 13). UPS’ rates include an increase of 5.9% for ground packages and a 4.9% rate hike on all air express and U.S. origin international shipments, based on a 6.9% rate increase and a 2% decrease in fuel surcharge. FedEx matched UPS’ ground hike of 5.9% and express by 6.9%.But despite the carrier’s price increases and DHL’s exiting the market, some market watchers say this is a very good time to negotiate rates with small parcel carriers. The overall freight market’s malaise coupled with the small parcel market’s uncertainty in the wake of the DHL move has carriers very hungry for volume. Robert W. Baird analyst Jon Langenfeld said he has concerns about carriers’ ability to raise prices as demand remains weak.

FedEx UPS Shipping Discounts

In a recent interview, Bill Knasinski, vice president of parcel and logistics solutions at Pittsburgh-based Genco, told Purchasing that now is the best time in recent history to negotiate with small parcel carriers. “Carriers are being very aggressive. Most of our clients have seen over 20% cost reductions [from small parcel providers],” Knasinski told Purchasing.

Neighborhood Parcel can help you offset this rate hike by giving us 10% OFF when you open a new House Account today. No hidden fees, no surcharges, no pick up fees! Save on FedEx and UPS shipping today


UPS and FedEx Shipping Services In Lowell MA

We provide you with one solution approach to your shipping needs, from packing to shipping and providing tracking numbers. We have negotiated great discount rate with major carriers to be able to provide you with reliable service at reasonable cost.

We ship hundreds of packages around the world using a vast network of carriers; we shop for the best rate and service. We strive to be you business partner, let us handle your shipping so you can focus on growing your business. Air cargo is ideal for all your time sensitive shipments, from flowers to overnight legal documents.

We ship a variety of items from business equipment and computer components to fragile antiques and collectibles, our distribution network interfaces with preferred carriers such as FedEx Express, DHL and EMS. By offering a choice of carriers, Neighborhood Parcel gives you the best solution to pack, ship and track your valuables every time.

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Ship Wooden crates

International Crate Service in Boston MA

Crate Packaging for International shipping, crate for bikes, crates for Industrial parts, crates for bikes, crates for artwork, mainframes Etc..

Neighborhood Parcel can help you package your parcel in the correct container to meet all your exports needs. Our Crating service is second to none. Fast and reliable service for all your shipping needs and within your budget.

Crate Packaging Options

Crates, Boxes, and Containers in Wood, Plywood, Corrugated, or Wood/Corrugated.
Custom Skids and Pallets.

  • Domestic or Export (Certified HT products meeting ISPM 15 guidelines)
  • Assembled or Unassembled (KD)
  • Your Design, Commercial/Military, Single Use or Re-Useable
  • Single Unit or Short Runs
  • Standard or Shock/Vibration Protection
  • Crating / Packing Service at Your Location or Our Shop
  • “Just in Time” or Ahead of Time

Why choose Neighborhood Parcel ®:

  • Fast reliable service: 24Hrs Turnaround.
  • High quality products.
  • Custom fit jobs, no one size fits all approach.
  • On location service.
  • Convenience: One company to crate and ship your parcel.
  • Unmatched Customer service.
  • Rock bottom pricingContact us today!
Boston International shipping business

Lowell Shipping Center

Neighborhood Parcel International Shipping Center

Offering Tips to make your next international shipment smooth and affordable:
1. Choose the Right Box
Use a box that is strong enough to protect the contents and large enough to leave space for adequate cushioning. You can also buy various sizes of boxes, as well as padded mailers, mailing tubes, and other packing materials at the store. If you choose a previously-used box, make sure you remove or cross out any old shipping labels, and make sure the box is in good shape, with no weak spots or cracks. Old or new, make sure the box is made of heavy, corrugated cardboard. Thinner boxes, such as most shoe boxes or gift boxes are not strong enough for shipping.

2. Protect and Pack
Don’t skimp on cushioning material. You can use shredded or crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam™ peanuts, or even plain air-popped popcorn. Pack items tightly to avoid shifting, and make sure the cushioning material covers all sides of the object. 
If you’re shipping several items together, wrap each one separately and provide enough cushioning to prevent movement. Fragile items need extra protection: For extra identification, place a return address label inside the package. After packing, gently shake the box. If nothing moves, it’s ready to be sealed.

3. Seal Carefully
A strong seal is essential, so always use tape that is designed for shipping, such as pressure-sensitive tape, nylon-reinforced Kraft paper tape, or glass-reinforced pressure-sensitive tape. These items can be purchased at the store. We recommend you do not use wrapping paper, string, masking tape, or cellophane tape. 
Make sure you seal the center seams at both the top and the bottom of the box securely. Cover all other seams with tape, and be sure not to leave any open areas which could snag on machinery.

4. Address Correctly
To avoid confusion, put the delivery and return addresses only on one side of the package. Make sure you include the ZIP code and complete street address, including apartment or unit number, if applicable. Also include all these items in your own return address. 
For overseas shipping, include the correct postal codes, city or town, province or state name, and country name.

Do not put the shipping label over a seam or closure, or on top of sealing tape. To avoid ink smudges, you can place a strip of clear packing tape over the address areas. Hollow items – stuff with packing material to avoid damage due to shock. Cover handles or other protruding parts with extra padding and/or cardboard. Extremely fragile glass or ceramics – try double-boxing: pack the item as described, and then place that box in a slightly larger box, with more cushioning material in between the boxes. Framed photographs or artwork – take the glass out of the frame and wrap it separately. Computer equipment, circuit boards and memory – pad well and pack in an Electro Static Discharge (ESD) bag to prevent damaging static buildup. Electronic items – remove batteries and wrap them separately.

Do not mail highly perishable foods such as soft cheeses or meats. Cured dry sausages and hard aged cheeses are fine. Firm baked goods are best, such as cookies, candies, flavored nuts, fudge, breads, unfrosted cakes, and muffins.

Be sure bottled and canned items are tightly sealed in thick containers that won’t break easily.

Foods should be sealed in airtight wrap before putting them into the gift container and the final shipping box. Wrap moist foods separately from crisp ones to preserve their textures.

Pack cakes snugly into tins. Put homemade confections in individual bonbon cups or papers, layered and separated with waxed, parchment, or butcher’s paper. Leave no headroom in the container. If necessary, fill unused space with crumpled wax paper. Pound cakes and loaf breads can be baked and shipped in disposable foil pans after being sealed in plastic wrap.

When shipping more fragile bottles of oils or vinegars, make sure they are tightly sealed. Place inside a plastic zip-top bag, leaving it full of air for added cushioning. Further protect the bottles by wrapping in bubble wrap.

If shipping more than one item, place heavier items at the bottom. Be sure there is ample space between each item, with packing surrounding each on all sides. Shake the box down to be sure there is no head space left unpacked so the contents will not shift. Use a waterproof marker on your shipping address and return labels. Print address and return labels in clear, large print and secure to the container with clear tape. Don’t trust self-sticking or glue labels to stay in place. Ship all food gifts via the fastest method possible.

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