International Mail Forwarding Service

International Mail Forwarding Service. Get Your US Address Today!

Neighborhood Parcel Of Lowell MA USA is proud to announce the launch of its International mail Forwarding Website: This website will allow international users to create Mail Forwarding service accounts, get US address, access millions of US based Merchants and simply the International mail Forwarding process.

Mr.Bechat is the current CEO of this Company and he stated that the Company has experienced great success in the International mail Forwarding service. He added “what makes us unique is that we deliver on what we promise, our customer service response time is usually within hours, our shipping rates are some of the lowest in the market, we ship via FedEx, UPS, DHL and EMS. Nothing is too small or too big for us. Our staff is fluent in French, English and Arabic and always eager to help.”

Opening US Mailbox

Opening mailbox

Once a user opens an account and submit the necessary proof of identity documents, they will get a genuine USA address where they can ship their products to. Neighborhood Parcel will consolidate and ship the merchandise. This will usually save money in the long run. Mr Bechat stated that his company currently offers FREE consolidation and storage service. Most of US vendors refuse to ship internationally due to restrictions and prohibitive cost, having a US address will fix this issue and allow users to save money and access millions of US made items from jeans to Iphones. For more info, visit: or

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