International Shipments in Nashua NH

International Shipping Service Company Nashua NH

Shipping internationally can be confusing with the many forms, foreign addresses and different courier services available. In addition to the confusion, worrying about lost, stolen or damaged packages might make you think twice about sending an expensive item overseas. However, you can do several things to ensure your package arrives safely to its destination. With fuel prices up and on the increase, international shipping service can be very costly. DHL, FedEx and UPS are averaging 28% Fuel surcharge. Here are few things you can do to ease the pain :

1- Shop around, avoid big corporations, UPS Stores and Kinkos have high rates and some pay up to 7% royalty fee that they pass to consumers. Shop at independent stores, here is a free directory:

2- Combine shipping, combine multiple boxes into one shipment whenever possible. Check size restrictions.

3- Air is your enemy! Why pay for Air space? Use the right size box. Bigger boxes will cost you more! Have a professional package your goods whenever you can.

4- Ship early, overnight and express shipping is costly. Ship early and use Ground service whenever available. Overnight cost of a letter can be around $28 depending on carrier, ground is around is around $14.00.

5- If you think the US Post Office Is Cheaper, think again!

6- Don’t be a Pennies wise and dollar fool! get insurance for your valuables. Cost is usually around $1.25 per $100.00 of coverage.

7- Shop for coupons and specials, use Google to work for you!

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