Business Fulfillment Service

Boston Business Fulfillment

Our store have professional solutions for both your business and your personal printing needs. Bring your ideas and let us help you perfect your image. You can take advantage of our low shipping rates and our space to fulfill all your online orders. We make Boston Business Fulfillment easy!

Inventory Management

* Low stock “item alert” client email notification
* Cycle counting based on usage reports
* Physical Inventories done annually
* Online reporting
* Quality Control

* Picking / Packing / Assembly / Labeling
o Picker never packs
o Double check packing
o Pick to order
o Batch pick

Shipping Services

  • Real-time update of tracking information for web reporting
  • All common carriers (DHL, FedEx, Airborne, USPS)
  • LTL and TL
  • Appropriate mode selection
  • Scheduling
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Route optimization and cost analysis for all outbound shipping activity

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