DHL Billing Stinks

Open Letter To DHL CEO

DHL Executive Desk

1210 S. Pine Island Road, 5th Floor

Plantation, Florida 33032

United States

October 17 2014

Dear Mr. Allen, our company has been an authorized DHL shipping center since 2007 and we enjoyed the reliability of your service, your brand helped grow our company and our loyal clients come to rely on your on-time delivery worldwide.

Recently, our account 8021xxxxx was put on credit hold without notice for a small balance that was overdue in matter of days not months. This premature billing action caused major disruption to service for us and for our clients as our system suddenly stopped working and packages were place on hold in The Boston terminal.  We finally realized that DHL has put us on credit hold because we couldn’t even log into the to check on account status or even pay outstanding bills.

DHL reviews its DAS as partners and this is not the right way to disrupt your partner’s business day to day operation without notice or cooperation, furthermore DHL billing decided to take an additional 48 Hrs to remove the hold. We continue to hear about other horror stories involving your billing department that may be costing you money. In contrast with FedEx, we do twice the volume with them and in the course of doing business with them since 2006, we were never shut off or place on credit hold. We trust them 100%, their billing system is 99.9% accurate and they bill us on a credit card that we have on file with them.

The issue we run into with DHL is that billing is often not accurate, the staff we deal with changes every month and the competence level is often in question. You require 15 Day net pay while all our bills are Net 30 because our business accounts can sometimes take 45 days to pay us. But we work with our client and we never shut them off without any notice or opportunity to fix the issue. Let’s face it who is perfect these days? We all have paid an invoice late one time or the other.


Great customer service as defined and delivered by the leading world class online retailer is to exceed customer’s expectation so when things go wrong they own up to them and fix the issue along with an apology. I am not expecting you to apologize for our failure to pay your bills within 15 Days, but I do expect your Billing department to at least notify us by phone or mail and give us a chance to pay the bills and not to rush to putting us on credit hold.

DHL action can have major impact on timely deliveries of shipments, people are scraping every dollar and cent to ship family gifts, legal documents and we built a reputation to do right by them no matter what. That is why when I saw that this gift to India (Waybill: 187336xx3) was still on hold 24 Hrs after we paid all invoices, I called the Boston office and spoke to Karen who assured me that the shipment will be removed from hold and leave Boston 10/16/2014. To my disappointment this shipment was still sitting in Boston for no reason and now we have to take it back and reroute it using FedEx.

In summary, DHL suffered some major setbacks during recent years but we stuck by you, defended you to our customers, sold your services and posted your marketing signage on major roadways in Lowell MA and to be treated as a new client and be rushed to shut off is not appreciated. We are not a 30 day old account, we not a home office; we are not a fly-by-night online store. We are a brick and mortar store, a well-established company with 5 star ratings on all major review boards like Yelp, Google and Proud to have established A Credit Rating by the Dunn and Brad Street, a third party credit Evaluation Company.

I wrote this letter to tell you thank you for the years of service and to tell you that this world is not perfect, we are not perfect neither and we expect our vendors to show us some courtesy and work with us instead of treating as dead-beats. Your billing department continues to be a sore spot and in need of major rehab. I hope that this feedback won’t fall on deaf ears and looking forward to your response.





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Best Way To Ship Overseas

Shipping Overseas Is Not Easy!

International shipping has its advantages from a value perspective because of merchandise and Technology availability overseas and U.S Dollar Currency Exchange rate that can be very beneficial. However, in dealing with international shipping, you will soon discover that you will deal with your destination’s customs office to clear the shipment before you get it delivered.

Neighborhood Parcel has decades of International shipping experience to over 220 worldwide destinations and throughout the years we have identified these destinations as the most corrupt countries, in another word, you will need to bribe a customs officer or local government to access your merchandise. Often this is in addition to customs duty taxes assessed.

FedEx vs DHL Shipping Discounts

To avoid delays and maintain control of the shipment, we discovered that DHL has the Most Secure Export system worldwide where they maintain control of the shipment at all the time. Another way, if you ship an Apple iPhone or iPad to Russia, DHL will get the clearance done electronically whenever possible and keeps possession of the merchandise. If you ship the same item using Express Mail, for example, the phone is given to customs office for clearance and if in most cases if they like it, they will tax it and assess so many fees to discourage you from getting it and they will confiscate it in the end. DHL will cost a little more up front but you maintain control of your packages at all time.

The second best way is FedEx, they tend to be a little bit cheaper via their Economy service, delivery is usually within 5 to 10 Business days. They are great for deliveries to Europe and Latin America.

The Third and Least Expensive way to ship is to use an Air Cargo Door to door or Door to Port Carrier services like Air Cargo or UPS. They offer great savings for International Moving or Large Cargo shipments, they utilize passenger air crafts to maintain lost cost and low overhead. They can issue Bill Of Lading and Online Tracking just like the other more expensive services.

Worst Way To Ship Overseas

Our Opinion throughout the years of experience is that the Post Office is the worst way to ship your valuable packages. Simply because the post office in most developing countries is corrupt and valuable shipments end up being stolen. The US Post office will provide online tracking until the package leave the US and you will never be able to track it. The loss claim process is very complicated and will take months to resolve. While Priority Mail and International Mail EMS are cheap and economical, it is not the most secure option to get valuable packages delivered.

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DHL Express Shipping Service

DHL time definite export services allow you to ship goods to more than 220 countries and territories by a specific time or by the end of the next possible business day. The world’s largest global network means your exports move quickly, reliably and safely with one easy-to-use export account for all of your document and non-document shipments. There is no easier and more convenient way to ship around the globe. Let DHL take care of all the details from door-to-door and everything in between. Start shipping your DHL packages today using the Lowell DHL shipping center and save time and money. Call us today to get a free DHL shipping Quote: (978)851-0199

Features and Benefits

  • Our international shipping focus means we are continually optimizing our global routing, connecting you to the world even faster.
  • Shortest and reliable transit times, including earliest deliveries in major U.S. cities.
  • In-house customs brokers using state-of-the-art technology provide a streamlined clearance process and a faster service for you and your customers.

DHL Worldwide Reach

  • Export shipments of virtually any size or weight to 120,000 destinations in more than 220 countries and territories.
  • Benefit from the world’s largest express global delivery service with more experience shipping to more international destinations than any other carrier.
  • State-of-the-art DHL hubs around the world from Cincinnati to Shanghai allow your shipments to move at full-speed.

Our Quality Control

  • Our pioneering Quality Control Center in Cincinnati, combined with 5 others around the world, allows us to coordinate information worldwide 24/7.
  • We monitor 90,000,000 global checkpoints daily to spot crisis situations that might impact your shipment.
  • Receive detailed shipment data, including date and time of delivery, customs documents, waybills, service changes, costs and more with our online invoicing tools.

Full Visibility Of Your Shipment

  • Total visibility of every shipment.
  • DHL ProviewTM allows for proactive notification of pickups, deliveries and more via email or SMS text messaging.
  • Track shipments online by account number, waybill number, and more.
  • 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Safety & Security

  • Guaranteed proof of delivery.
  • Your package stays with DHL door-to-door, with no third-party forwarder involved.
  • DHL experts in all service areas with knowledge of local regulations and routes.
  • Rely on DHL as a trusted carrier to deliver your important time-sensitive shipments.\

Shipping Carrier Scams

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Individuals and businesses shipping from U.S  to other overseas destinations must be aware of the cost, further more they need to have the how to knowledge to deal with International shipping requirements. Shipping is easy, doing it right can be a challenge, when it comes to international and shipping overseas, you can leave it to the professionals to do for a fee or do it yourself and take all the risk.

First you need to know that equation behind shipping cost calculation or shipping to United Kingdom any target country: The equation depends on three factors: Zone, weigh and dimensions. This is usually called Dimm weight where if you ship a feather of 1 OZ in large box, you will pay for equivalent 10+ pounds of weight.

Did you know that all major carriers are raising their International shipping rates? this is in addition to the recent increase of fuel surcharges that exceed the 17% mark!

What can you do to offset these rate hikes? Here are few suggestions:

  1. Let the professionals Packaging and shipping outlet help you package your parcel. They have the expertise that will allow you to use the right size box and packaging to save money. Using a box too big or over packing can be costly!
  2. Ship early and use the Ground service options. This is the most economical option, for Zone one delivery, this transit time is one day!
  3. Consolidate your shipments whenever possible.
  4. Shop around, independent stores tend to offer lower rates as they do not pay loyalty fees! Shipping at UPS or Kinkos will limit your options to UPS and FedEx respectively.
  5. Check the web for coupons and specials.

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FedEx vs DHL Shipping Discounts