Shipping Carriers Secrets

You must be familiar with FedEx, DHL and UPS website and their constant reminders to open an account and save a whopping 10% on your next shipment. To open an account, all you need is a credit card! They do not perform any credit checks, there only concern is to be able to get authorizations from your credit card. They let you to believe that you are getting a great deal instead of using independent shippers, do you ever wonder why?

FedEx, DHL and UPS made International shipping into a science! They have third party firms that research ways to maximize profits, so they bill for everything! here is a list of secrets and hidden facts they do not want you to know:

1- 10% OFF is a discount of their highest Book rate! Using an independent shop may offer you a better discount!
2- Pick Up Fees from $8 to $25.00 per pick up
3- Address correction fee: $10 per package.
4- Dim weights adjustments, a large 5 Lbs box may cost the equivalent of 35 Lbs due to cubic size.
5- Residential Delivery surcharges of $2.50 to $7.00
6- Fuel surcharges from 12 to 31%
7- Signature Service surcharges from $4.50 to $24.50
8- Extra Delivery Reattempt charge of $25.00 per shipment.
9- International Document Prep fee: $20.00 to $40.00
10-Brokerage fees, most carriers will ad their fees to brokerage / customs fee!

The best part of their act is they do not have to tell you or get your permission to hit your credit card! These charges will show up in your credit card statement and they are not detailed, all you see is one line item with tracking info. A shipment that was quoted to be $50.00 when you printed the label is now showing at $215.00 or more! When you sign up for the online account, you gave the carrier the right to bill your credit card for anything and everything pertaining to the shipment.

Now what? Shop around! Be careful not to use carrier’s stores like Kinkos, UPS stores or FedEx Office they offer book rates (think of them as MSRP pricing) Use local shops that are independently owned and operated. They do not pay loyalty fees and support your local community.

If you are lucky to live in Metro Boston, look us up! We hear hundreds of horror stories from consumers that get burned by the Dot com accounts. Our system will offer you a real time quote and displays all carrier rates in front of you, in one screen shot! It will compile quotes from DHLUPSFEDEX and USPS and displayed them on monitor in front of you, the display will show Estimated time of deliveries, costs, and carriers. What You See Is What You Pay, no hidden fees, no Bills later!

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