Ship Barrels To Africa

Barrel Shipping To Africa

Shipping Barrels or Fiber Drums to Africa can save you time and money, these barrels are made of strong fiber and can be secured with strong lid to protect the contents of your shipments. Ocean shipping of these drums and barrels to Africa can save you up to 70% OFF DHL and FedEx Rates. This is the most affordable way to ship barrels to Africa and save.

Barrel Packaging

Fiber drums come in 55, 20 Gallon capacity, the drums are easy to transport and will be correctly labeled for shipment.

20 Gallon Drums has a capacity of 300 LBs. It weights 10 Lbs empty.

55 Gallons Drums has a capacity of 400 LBs and weight 17 Lbs empty.

Ship Barrels To Africa

This is the most cost effective way to ship Household items, Clothes, electronics to Africa, cost savings from 60 to 75% and transit time ranges between 4 and 5 weeks.

With ocean shipping, customers pay for the cubic space and not necessary the weight. So you can load these barrels all the way with clothes and household items to maximize your savings. We have included these price listing to give you an idea on cost to ship barrels to Africa, cost excludes Customs Duty Taxes and Broker fees. Based on One Cubic Meter (1CBM = 3 x 55 Gallon Drums)

Nigeria, Lagos ($750.00 1st CBM $600.00 each additional)

Kenya, Mombasa ($750.00 1st CBM $600.00 each additional)

Cameroon, Douala ($750.00 1st CBM $600.00 each additional)

Morocco, Casablanca ($750.00 1st CBM $350.00 each additional)

Ivory Coast, Abidjan ($750.00 1st CBM $600.00 each additional)

Ghana, Tema ($750.00 1st CBM $600.00 each additional)

(CBM = Cubic Meter)

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